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Green Sailing for a Shared Future|Delegation of Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration Visited “COSCO SHIPPING LV SHUI 01” Ship, the World’s Largest Pure Electric River-Sea Container Ship

Time: 2024-05-21

On May 17, a delegation of more than 40 people, led by Xie Kaiyun, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director-General of Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration, arrived at Shengdong Wharf of Yangshan Port to conduct an on-site investigation and make exchanges on “COSCO SHIPPING LV SHUI 01” ship, China’s first 700TEU pure electric container ship that was independently developed, designed, and built with proprietary intellectual property rights, during which they were accompanied by the Company’s key executives, the director of its Shipping Leasing Division and the head of Green Water Xinhang Technology Co., Ltd. 

During the investigation, the officials of Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration visited key areas such as the ship’s containerized power supply, DC distribution room in the engine room, integrated control room, and the bridge, gaining a deep understanding of the ship’s battery management system, energy management system, and intelligent integration platform. In addition, they also visited Guandong battery charging and swapping station, observing the charging operations of the marine containerized battery packs.At a subsequent meeting, the Company’s key executives provided a brief report on the progress of the electric ship project and the ship’s operational status, while also discussing improvements to engine logs and crew optimization. Both parties engaged in discussions on the sustainable and green development of the shipping industry. The officials of Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration emphasized their ongoing efforts to enhance maritime supervision and service assurance capabilities, creating a more friendly and standardized regulatory environment to promote the green and low-carbon transition of the shipping industry.

Through this investigation, the collaboration and communication between the government and the Company have enhanced, facilitating the establishment of new agreements in the development and regulation of the electric ship industry. Going forward, with the support of Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration, the Company will, as guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,actively advance the green and low-carbon transition of China’s shipping industry, and make all-out efforts to guarantee the smooth operation of pure electric river-sea container ships, making greater contributions to the construction of a country with “strong transportation network”.

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