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Good News! Two Container Manufacturing Factories of COSCO SHIPPING Development were awarded "2023 National Safety Culture Construction Model Enterprise"

Time: 2024-04-08

Recently, Guangzhou Container Manufacturing Factory and Ningbo Container Manufacturing Factory under Shanghai Universal, both a subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Development, were awarded the title of "2023 National Safety Culture Construction Model Enterprise" by China Association of Work Safety. To this extent, all six container manufacturing factories of the Company have passed the review and been titled.

The review of "National Safety Culture Construction Model Enterprise" is approved by the State Council and authorized by the Ministry of Emergency Management to China Association of Work Safety to organize the review process every year, in order to promote the standardization, systematization and scientification of the safety management work of the enterprise, which is a high degree of recognition of the management of safety production of the enterprise, the construction of safety culture and other aspects.

Under the correct leadership of the Group and the guidance and support of the relevant departments, the Company has profoundly learned and implemented the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the work of safety production, adhered to the leadership of the Party building. In recent years, container manufacturing factories under Shanghai Universal, all a subsidiary of the Company, continued to promote the construction of love and safety culture, adhered to the policy of "safety and prevention first and comprehensive treatment", and actively explored new mechanisms and new ways of the construction of safety culture.

Safety work is a long-term, arduous task. Shanghai Universal always adheres to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era as a guide, firmly establishes the philosophy of safety development, deeply integrates the Party building with the construction of safety culture. It sums up and refines good experiences and practices in the construction of safety culture in combination with the "Party building + safety production" project, further consolidates and deepens the achievements of the national model enterprise for the construction of safety culture, and further promotes the construction of the Company's safety culture and of excellent work teams to integrate and promote Party building and business work as a whole, reinforce the foundations of the construction of work teams, and pushes forward the construction of safety culture to be implemented, so as to provide a strong political guarantee for the high-quality development of the enterprise in terms of safety production.

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