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Anchoring on the "Dual Carbon" Goal | COSCO SHIPPING Development's 700TEU-class Electric Container Vessels Were Successfully Named

Time: 2023-12-28

On December 28, the two 700TEU-class electric container vessels N997 and N998 ordered by COSCO SHIPPING Development were successfully named at COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Yangzhou) Shipyard.

Sun Yunfei, Deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant of COSCO SHIPPING, Wang Jianbin, Deputy Director General of Changjiang River Administration of Navigational Affairs of MOT, Zhao Yan, Vice President of China Classification Society, Tong Laiming, Deputy General Manager of China Chengtong Holdings Group, Zhou Xiaoneng, Chief Economist of Energy China Group, Zhang Rizhong, General Manager of China Merchants Investment Development Company Limited, Huang Haidong, Marketing Director of SIPG, Zhu Dingjin, Mayor of Jiangdu District People's Government of Yangzhou City, Liang Yanfeng, Chairman of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, Zhang Mingwen, General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Development, Maciej Cezary Lepicki, General Manager of Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company, and other leaders and guests attended the naming ceremony and visited the vessel. Ms. Jing Tao from China Merchants Group and Ms. Gu Cuihong from Energy China Group named N997 and N998 as "ZHONG YUAN HAI YUN LV SHUI 01" and "ZHONG YUAN HAI YUN LV SHUI 02", respectively.

At the ceremony, China Classification Society awarded a certificate of Outstanding Innovation Cooperation Project of New Energy to COSCO SHIPPING Development.

The 700TEU-class electric container vessel is the first batch of green, zero-carbon intelligent electrification pilot vessels for container transportation on the Yangtze River mainline. The vessel is independently designed, developed and built by China, with independent intellectual property rights, and is in the world's leading position in terms of the number of containers loaded, deadweight tons and battery capacity of electric container vessels.

COSCO SHIPPING Development, in conjunction with China Merchants Group, Energy China Group and relevant companies under China Chengtong Holdings Group, have established the Lv Shui New Shipping Technology Co., Ltd. to build a charging and exchanging service system around the hub ports, and to provide the market with comprehensive services for the whole chain of electrification of ships.

A single 700TEU-class electric container vessel is expected to be able to reduce 2,918 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in a year, which is exemplary for the green and low-carbon transformation of the Yangtze River shipping, and provides a solution to the dilemma of solving the relationship between the ecological and environmental protection and economic development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

The successful naming of "ZHONG YUAN HAI YUN LV SHUI" vessels is not only a demonstration project taking advantage of the synergy of the Group's industrial clusters, but also a key project for COSCO SHIPPING to actively comply with the new trend of the development of green, low-carbon and intelligent shipping industry, and to assist in the green transformation of the Yangtze River's shipping.

In the future, COSCO SHIPPING Development will take the "ZHONG YUAN HAI YUN LV SHUI" vessels as a starting point, and extend it to the Pearl River, Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, Bohai Bay, Beibu Gulf and other domestic inland and coastal waters, so as to provide experience and solutions for emission reduction in China's inland and coastal shipping.

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