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COSCO SHIPPING Development Makes an Appearance at the 2nd Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Expo in Technologies, Products and Achievements

Time: 2024-06-08

The 2nd Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Expo in Technologies, Products and Achievements (hereinafter referred to as the “CNE”) was held in Shanghai on June 5 to 8. Under the theme of “Towards Carbon Neutrality”, the CNE attracted more than 600 exhibitors from home and abroad to showcase their respective solutions and products in promoting the realization of “Carbon Peak & Neutrality” goals.

China COSCO SHIPPING organized five of its subsidiaries to participate in the exhibition, showcasing the innovative concepts, significant initiatives and application achievements of China COSCO SHIPPING in focusing on the two major tracks of green and low-carbon and digital intelligence, and actively promoting the green and low-carbon development in the field of shipping and logistics in recent years.

At the CNE, COSCO SHIPPING Development’s 700TEU electric container vessels in the Yangtze River mainline and electric vessel charging and exchanging infrastructure project appeared in the exhibition area of China COSCO SHIPPING. This project involves the deployment of two 700TEU (10,000-ton) electric container vessels as the first batch of green, zero-carbon, intelligent and electric pilot vessel models. Each vessel is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 2,918 tons per year, which fully demonstrates the Company’s practical achievements in promoting green and intelligent shipping. At the same time, the Company showcased the positive results achieved in promoting energy-saving transformation and carbon reduction in its container manufacturing business segment, actively implementing the concept of green and low-carbon production.

In recent years, COSCO SHIPPING Development has continued to deepen its efforts in the field of green and low-carbon development, fully promoting “green production, green business, green assets and green finance” to further drive the new quality productivity. In the future, the Company will conform to the new trends of green, low-carbon and intelligent development in the shipping industry, strive to realize innovative initiatives and practical achievements that harmonize corporate development with the ecological environment, and embark on a new journey towards high-quality development.

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