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Green and Low-carbon in Action | COSCO SHIPPING Development Won the "Award of Outstanding Contribution to Green and Low-carbon for Listed Companies"

Time: 2023-12-18

Recently, the 2023 China Star Fund and Value of Listed Companies Twin-Summit Forum was held in Shenzhen, at which it unveiled the list of winners of the 17th Chinese Listed Companies Value Selection. COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "COSCO SHIPPING Development") was honored with the "Award of Outstanding Contribution to Green and Low-carbon for Listed Companies".

The "Chinese Listed Companies Value Selection" is a selection event organized by the Securities Times for the value discovery of listed companies in capital market in China, primarily focusing on the comprehensive assessment and public selection of listed companies in terms of the quality of information disclosure, profitability, growth and sustainability. This event has been running for 17 years and has become one of the most influential selection events for listed companies organized by mainstream financial media in China. On the basis of the previous selection system, this Chinese Listed Companies Value Selection Event added new important awards such as the "Award of Outstanding Contribution to Green and Low-carbon for Listed Companies", aiming at recognizing enterprises with outstanding performance in actively transforming to digital intelligence, implementing the green development concept, and pioneering entrepreneurship and innovation.

Guided by the concept of "excellence" with "integrity, efficiency, proactiveness and mutual benefit" as its core values, COSCO SHIPPING Development firmly follows the direction of green, low-carbon, intelligent and technological development, thoroughly implements the concept of sustainable development in order to keep promoting the high-quality development of the Company. In recent years, by virtue of its long-term efforts in the field of sustainable development, COSCO SHIPPING Development has continuously achieved value breakthroughs and has won a number of awards and recognitions in the field of sustainable development both at home and abroad, with more than 10 awards honored in 2023.

In the future, COSCO SHIPPING Development will continue to focus on its main responsibility and core business, by intensifying the digital empowerment of science and innovation, comprehensively promoting the concept of green and low-carbon development, steadily enhancing the core competitiveness of the Company, and maintaining innovation in line with the enhanced quality and efficiency, so as to actively promote the high-quality development of the Company to a higher level.

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