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Intelligent Container Manufacturing Information Management Platform Empowers the New Development of Digital and Intelligence
发布时间: 2023-09-21

  COSCO SHIPPING Development has strengthened the efficient, low-carbon, and refined development driven by intelligent manufacturing. Shanghai Universal Jinzhou Container Factory under the Company, is committed to being deeply engaged in the field of intelligent manufacturing and striving to explore the empowerment of container manufacturing with informatization and digitalization. Under the in-depth research and development plan in the previous stage, the construction of the intelligent container manufacturing information management platform ("Management Platform") was completed and put into application, demonstrating its effectiveness in internal coordination, improving operational efficiency, enhancing data analysis and decision-making capabilities.

  In the field of container manufacturing, balanced production of production lines is the top priority of precision management. A container consists of more than 50 types of components. The production manager needs to quickly and accurately grasp the production factors such as working hours, quality, and energy consumption of these components. Through repeated research and demonstration, Jinzhou Container Factory finally determined the information management modules such as production management, quality management, and smart energy, which comprehensively covered all aspects of production and operation management elements and effectively improved the level of precision management.

  Production management module: assisted front-line management personnel to accurately grasp the production progress and equipment operation status, timely tracked and solved problems, and provided solid data support for management improvement. After the module was put into use, the balance rate of the production line increased by 3.7%, indicating noticeable improvements in quality and efficiency.

  Quality management module: it was effectively used in the coating and drying production process, which collected and monitored the operation status of the drying room in real-time, and then combined 3D three-dimensional modeling and other technologies to create a virtual simulation environment, and timely adjusted and improved the drying process through real-time data analysis function. After the module was put into use, the first-pass qualification rate of coating operation increased from 98.5% to over 99%, which also greatly reduced gas consumption.

  Smart energy module: refined the measurement of electricity consumption in components processing areas, welding production lines, and other production processes, and formulated solutions timely to improve energy management from the source. After the module was put into use, the overall energy utilization rate increased by 2.2%.

  Under the background that intelligent manufacturing has become the future trend of the industry, container plants under COSCO SHIPPING Development will continue to optimize the production process and improve the management level by introducing more scientific and technological research and development and intelligent technologies, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the container manufacturing business with innovation, low-carbon and digital intelligence, to continuously stimulate new momentum for sustainable development.

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