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COSCO SHIPPING Development signed a cooperation agreement with CCS Wuhan Rules & Research Institute and China Waterborne Transport Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport
发布时间: 2022-06-06

  In the afternoon of 2 June, the signing of the Technical Service Agreement for the Yangtze Trunk Line Electric Container Ship Project was held online. Luo Xiaofeng, Director of Wuhan Rules & Research Institute, China Classification Society with his marine lithium battery technology team, Ji Yongbo, Director of Shipping Center of China Waterborne Transport Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport with his marine new energy team, Ming Dong, Deputy General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Development and relevant personnel of the project participated together.

  At the meeting, COSCO SHIPPING Development introduced the background significance of the project from the perspectives of national strategy and industry development, and put forward specific requirements for the technical services. Wuhan Rules & Research Institute elaborated the necessity and innovation of the project from the perspective of ecological development and green priority of Yangtze River, and explained the huge response of the project in the international and domestic industries, remarking that China Classification Society will actively provide technical support and complete the relevant work as soon as possible. China Waterborne Transport Research Institute stated that as the main participant in the national shipping policies, industry standards and strategic planning, it will allocate its backbone resources and spare no effort to complete the work, and will actively assist in the promotion of communication with relevant parties and increase the promotion of ship electrification.

  The three parties unanimously agreed that the Yangtze Trunk Line Electric Container Ship Project is of great significance to the green transformation and technological innovation of China's shipping industry. Taking this agreement as an opportunity, the parties will actively implement the national dual-carbon strategy and the green development plan, making new contributions to the innovative development of China's water transportation industry.

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