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Bringing Together Our Strengths and Fulfilling Our Responsibility | The Successful Delivery And Installation Of The First Shipping Container Homes For The "Healthcare Station" Project
发布时间: 2022-04-12

In light of the current situation of prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic, COSCO SHIPPING Development has proactively taken effective countermeasures by strengthening its well-placed plannings for pandemic prevention and control and endeavoring to ensure production and supply. The "Healthcare Station" project in which Shanghai Huanyu Qidong Container Factory, a subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Development participated, was one of the important projects to undertake normalized pandemic prevention and control measures in Qidong City, the construction and commencement of which were carried out in accordance with relevant technical requirements for pandemic prevention. The design and production included shipping container homes, stair containers and working corridors composed of containers (including isolation rooms, restrooms, meeting rooms, sterilization rooms, buffer rooms, dressing rooms and duty rooms). The shipping container homes manufactured by Qidong Container Factory (啓東箱廠) would effectively enhance the capabilities in fully responding to the current situation of prevention and control of the pandemic on a local basis, boosting its capabilities in coping with contingencies associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.


On the morning of 9 April, with the joyous blast of firecrackers, seven trucks carrying the first shipping container homes for the "Healthcare Station" project honked their horns from the gate of Qidong Container Factory (啓東箱廠). Not only were they loaded with shipping container homes, but they were also filled with the sheer determination of every COSCO SHIPPING staff to fight against   the pandemic.

An epidemic is an order, and prevention is a responsibility. In light of the current situation of pandemic prevention and control in China, Qidong Container Factory proactively implemented the pandemic prevention and control requirements in Qidong City, carrying out the construction of "Healthcare Station" project in Qidong City. Being one of the important projects in Qidong City to undertake normalized pandemic prevention and control measures, such project had a short construction period and a high degree of engineering complexity. However, since the assignment of the project, Qidong Container Factory (啓東箱廠) has been attaching great importance to it, with the general manager of the container factory personally presiding over the project promotion, scheduling meeting every day and taking on the responsibility of main structure to achieve the progress in the project; meanwhile, the Company organized the elite backbones of various departments to set up temporary party branches and party member commandos to give full play to the advantages of party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members. In a race against time and the virus, we spared no efforts in ensuring the high-quality and smooth progress of the "Healthcare Station" project on the premise of our own pandemic prevention and safe production.

 Following over a week of arduous construction work, the first batch of seven project containers for the "Healthcare Station" was successfully delivered today, with the hoisting work having been completed in full swing at the site. Subsequent project containers will be continuously delivered to the site for installation on a daily basis, providing protection for pandemic prevention and anti-pandemic efforts on a continuing basis.

There is no harsh winter insurmountable, and no spring will never ever come when we are united as one and hand in hand, COSCO SHIPPING Development is courageous to take up the challenge and rise to the difficulties in the face of the fierce battle against the pandemic.  We firmly believe that, together we can win the fight against the pandemic and long for patiently for the day when the warm spring will soon be upon us with flowers   blooming brilliantly!

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