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The launch of Florens 24/7 self-service trading platform will enable more aggregated logistics information
发布时间: 2022-03-16

The construction of Florens digital container trading platform has been jointly kicked off by Florens International--part of COSCO SHIPPING Development--and COSCO SHIPPING Technology since 2021. The platform (trading.florens.com) went live on March 11, 2022, after 8-month R&D and 3-month trials among global customers.

At the beginning of this year, the platform was included on the list of 2021 Pudong New District Technology Development Fund’s Digital Transformation Projects in Social Sector.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to growing demand within the global container transportation industry since the second half of 2019. Due to supply chain bottlenecks, tight supply of raw materials and other factors, containers are structurally in short supply. This has caused a global undersupply of containers, resulting in rising demand for container leasing. 

As market consolidation gathers pace, the pain points of the traditional model have been exposed: 1) too many manual tasks; 2) segmented logistics resource; and 3) nontransparent data. As such, digital transformation has become the key determinant for future competitiveness of shipping and related companies.

Our container trading platform features three differentiators:

First, it is a self-service sales platform for global customers. The platform offers 24/7 one-stop services to global customers by integrating a variety of functions, such as container selection, order placement, payment, self-service container pick-up, online customer service and visualized tracking. The trading platform and customer behaviors observed could enable us to build an active service platform to provide business guidance to our customers actively, thus boosting customer experience.

Second, it has a smart customer rewards framework. Florens proprietary smart rewards system, based on 360° customer profiling, can generate accurate rewards points automatically. This framework has increased users’ willingness to purchase and customer stickiness. We will combine this framework with risk management algorithms to automatically generate relevant credit scores, so as to strengthen risk management.

Third, it helps us move to active customer service from passive customer service.

Customer service algorithm model based on the trading platform, combined with customer behaviors, allow us to empower our front-line sales with digital customer insights through timely information pushed via mobile devices and Florens business dashboard. Also, this has equipped the team with digital culture genre and mindset. So, employees are moving to active service from passive service mode.

The launch of Florens containing trading platform will effectively meet the growing demand for a self-service online platform from overseas sales team and customers amid the global pandemic. 24/7 support can meet the demand for order placement and pick-up services across different regions and time zones. In addition, the successful go-live of the trading platform has effectively reduced the training cycle for new hires and allowed sales to start work early by moving the previously complicated order system online.

Going forward, the container trading platform will further explore its potential through targeted pricing, digital marketing and industrial chain synergy, and provide better services to the entire shipping and logistics industrial chain.

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