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Dong Fang International Container (Qidong) Co., Ltd., Affiliated to COSCO SHIPPING Development, Passed the Evaluation by China Classification Society as a Manufacturer of Marine Container-Type Power Batteries
发布时间: 2022-01-07

  Recently, Dong Fang International Container (Qidong) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Universal), affiliated to COSCO SHIPPING Development, passed the evaluation by China Classification Society (CSS) as a manufacturer of marine container-type power batteries. This signified another big step forward taken by Shanghai Universal in the research, development, and manufacturing of marine container-type power batteries.

  In recent years, COSCO SHIPPING Development has firmly implemented China's strategic arrangements for the "dual carbon target". In accordance with COSCO SHIPPING Group's overall work arrangements regarding "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", COSCO SHIPPING Development has fully utilized the synergy of finance and industry and joined hands with internal and external enterprises to promote green shipping projects.

  As the container manufacturing unit of COSCO SHIPPING Development, Shanghai Universal, based on a new development stage, practices new development ideas, continuously increases investment in R&D and innovation, proactively undertakes COSCO SHIPPING Development's green shipping innovation projects, actively develops the market for high-end special containers such as energy storage containers under the new energy and dual carbon strategies, enhances the technical content and added value of products, advances the opening-up of application scenarios for containers, enhances corporate competitiveness, fulfills its corporate social responsibility, and boosts the   high-quality development of the enterprise.

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