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Optimizing Services Through Leasing-Manufacturing Collaboration and Enhancing Corporate Competitiveness to Make Greater AchievementsCOSCO SHIPPING Development Initiates New Development of Its Container Leasing Platform
发布时间: 2022-01-17

  On January 11, Florens International Limited, affiliated to COSCO SHIPPING Development, held a global working conference via video to review the past and shape the future. In 2021, Florens made a multi-pronged effort to overcome uncertainties such as the supply chain imbalance and sharp shortage of container-manufacturing stations, continued to steadfastly implement its internationalization strategy, key account strategy, and digital transformation strategy, tapped its potential internally, stretched its size externally, and enhanced its value creation capability in the industry chain, which is represented by four highlights.

  Highlight 1: Its global container allocation capability continued to grow

  In order to improve its global container source deployment capability, in 2021, Florens continued to strengthen cooperation with shipping companies, logistics companies, allocation and transportation intermediaries, etc., built a more complete allocation and transportation network, enhanced the allocation and transportation efficiency, added more than 10 new allocation and transportation partners, and expanded to over 300 allocation and transportation routes. In this way, it further enhanced its core competitiveness in capturing global market opportunities, meeting   customers' container needs, improving container leasing and sales profitability, and other aspects.

  Highlight 2: Overseas localized construction was successfully implemented.

  Taking into account the latest market situation, Florens adapted to the trend and took North America, where it faced the biggest business pressure, as the breakthrough to combine its three teams that have been gradually established since its reorganization, namely the logistics, sales, and mobile warehousing, thus establishing its North America Sales Business Department. Through nearly one year of hard work, Florens has basically completed its North America marketing network, continuously improved its sales capability, and properly boosted secondhand container sales to achieve revenue and profit growth, setting a successful example for Florens to continue its overseas localized construction.

  Highlight 3: Preliminary success in digital transformation has been achieved

  With assistance from external sources, Florens has set a road map for all-round promotion of digital transformation, in an effort to upgrade and transfer its core business system, leverage new technologies such as big   data, AI, and voice recognition to develop multiple digital tools urgently needed for operation. For example, the smart Florens platform was launched in November 2021, and a digital platform for the board of directors and a container trading platform are close to completion of development and are expected to be launched before the end of January 2022.

  Highlight 4: The construction of its risk management and control system safeguards development

  Florens comprehensively cultivates a risk management and control culture, enhances the awareness of compliance and risk control, energetically strengthens customer credit risk management, and has set up multiple management and control mechanisms for protection before, during, and after risk exposure, including the customer credit quality screening mechanism, risk warning mechanism, and arrears collection mechanism. Its risk management and control system has played an active role and achieved positive results in recent years in dealing with default events of Hanjin Shipping and other customers.

  Although remarkable achievements have been achieved, Florens stills strives to accomplish more in the future. In the new year, Florens will grasp market opportunities, meet challenges, in an attempt to make breakthroughs in the localized construction in Europe, further improvement of the returns on assets and the digital transformation for the full business process. To this end, Florens has set up the goal of constructing” Florens with Four Characteristics” for the work in 2022:

  First, build a “Profitable Florens” -- adhere to profit orientation, strengthen value marketing, deepen leasing-manufacturing collaboration, and advance the high-quality development of the company.

  Second, build a “Digital Florens” – uphold scientific and technological empowerment, connect the information chain with the business chain, and accelerate the process of digital transformation.

  Third, build a “Sustainable Florens” -- stick to innovation as the driver, comprehensively improve operations, and realize a virtuous cycle for development.

  Fourth, build a “Safe Florens” – sustain safety management, safeguard business safety through risk control, and safeguard personal safety through pandemic prevention.

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