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Naming ceremony of “HUI HE HAI” perfectly concluded the delivery of a series of 16 units of 210,000 DWT bulk carriers
发布时间: 2021-09-08

  On September 6th, the Delivery and Naming Ceremony of the 210,000 DWT bulk carrier “HUI HE HAI” of COSCO SHIPPING Development was held at Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry. So far, the 16 vessels of “JI, XIANG, HE, ZHENG, ZHI, XIN, ZHONG, HUA, GUO, TAI, MIN, KANG, JIN, XIU, CHANG, SHENG” (which collectively have the meaning of luck, fortune, peace, justice, wisdom and faith of Chinese people, national safety and the people’s well-being, beauty, splendor, brilliance and prosperity) have reunited as a family to achieve a perfect conclusion. Witnessing the ceremony were Lin Feng, the chief accountant of COSCO SHIPPING Development, Chen Yan, the deputy general manager of COSCO SHIPPING Bulk, Shan Jiqiang, the deputy general manager of COSCO SHIPPING Qingdao, Zhou Mingshun, the deputy dean of the Group’s talent development institute, and Gu Kechao, the general manager of Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry. Ms. Chen Wensui, the general manager of the legal compliance and risk management department of COSCO SHIPPING Bulk, served as the godmother, who named and cut rope for the vessel “HUI HE HAI”.


  In his speech, Lin Feng looked back at the wonderful cooperation journey with COSCO SHIPPING Bulk and expressed his sincere gratitude towards the partners for their efforts in building the series of 16 vessels. He said that the 210,000 DWT bulk carrier project is a model of industry-finance cooperation between COSCO SHIPPING Development and COSCO SHIPPING Bulk, with a view to increasing synergistic cooperation, promoting the release of synergy, and achieving closer connection among shipowners, cargo owners and shipyards. In the future, COSCO SHIPPING Development will continue to work closely with all parties, strengthen the coordinated development of the industrial chain based on the principle of marketization, and strive to build an excellent industry-finance operator with the characteristics of COSCO SHIPPING.


  The vessel “HUI HE HAI” is the last of the series of 16 units of 210,000 DWT bulk carriers of COSCO SHIPPING Development. The series has four intelligent vessel class symbols, namely the “intelligent navigation, intelligent cabin, intelligent energy efficiency and intelligent platform”. It is a new generation of intelligent, green, environment-friendly, energy-saving and safe large bulk carriers with leading technology, featuring characteristics including large capacity, excellent navigation performance, high degree of intelligence and green energy-saving, which is highly competitive among the same class of vessels in the market.

  The leaders and representatives from the relevant units including Beijing COSCO SHIPPING Ship Trading, Qingdao COSCO SHIPPING Ship Trading, the Hong Kong Shipping Register and CSTC attended the Delivery and Naming Ceremony.

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