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In-flight Internet Connectivity with “Shenzhen Satellite” Invested by COSCO SHIPPING Development Officially Put into Commercial Use in China
发布时间: 2021-08-26

  With the first in-flight connectivity to ultra-high-speed broadband Internet on China Eastern Airlines’ flight MU5101 through the new-generation technology on high-throughput communication satellite on August 20, the in-flight Internet connectivity with the APSTAR-6D high-throughput satellite (“Shenzhen satellite”) invested by COSCO SHIPPING Development was officially put into commercial use.


APSTAR-6D communications achieves full coverage of airlines in Asia-Pacific

  With a communication speed of over 220Mbps, “Shenzhen satellite” can provide travelers with in-flight connectivity experience which is nearly same as on the ground, including high-speed Internet, streaming audio and video, VoIP application, high-definition and multi-channel TV programs, 4G telephone calls and airborne application services with higher bandwidth.


Travellers convening video conferences     Travellers watching cartoons online 

through in-flight high-speed network     through in-flight high-speed Internet

  In the future, with the gradual promotion and application of in-flight Internet connectivity with “Shenzhen satellite”, COSCO SHIPPING Development is expected to bring higher value returns based on its strategic investments. The Company will continue to follow the mission of “finance aids industry” and promote digital and high-quality development to consistently create new value for shareholders.

  APSTAR-6D satellite is the first high-throughput satellite designed for the mobile satellite communication business globally as well as the first high-throughput geosynchronous earth orbit satellite with Ku-band communications in China, representing the highest level in the research of geosynchronous earth orbit satellites for civil and commercial use in China. It is capable of providing thousands of Mbps broadband services for maritime ships and meeting the demands of airlines and ships, high-speed Internet access in remote areas, digital transformation and high-quality development in the Asia-Pacific region.

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