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Upgrading Energy Equipment to Facilitate Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, Promoting Green Production to Achieve Sustainable Development
发布时间: 2021-08-20

  To respond to national strategies on carbon peak and carbon neutrality, reasonably develop and reduce the use of natural resources, adjust the structure and allocation of resources, enhance the utilization rate of resources, improve the ecology and protect the environment, containers manufacturers under Shanghai Universal and under its management upon entrustment, a subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Development, actively practiced the concept of “green containers manufacturing”, upgraded production equipment and used clean energy to achieve energy saving, emission reduction and noise elimination and facilitate the green and healthy development of such manufacturers.

  Improving and upgrading energy equipment to promote energy saving, emission reduction and harmonious development

  Low-carbon and environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction are consensuses in the current social development. In order to minimize carbon emission and noise pollution, containers manufacturers under Shanghai Universal and under its management upon entrustment introduced advanced equipment based on their actual conditions and boosted investment in energy saving and emission reduction to consistently enhance their soft power in environmental protection.

  The containers manufacturer in Qidong introduced electric stackers and put them into use, making a key attempt in energy saving, emission reduction and quality and efficiency improvement. It will increase the proportion of electric production vehicles in the factory based on its actual conditions in the future.

  The containers manufacturer in Guangzhou introduced waste gas treatment equipment for pretreatment, effectively controlling the emission of waste gas. The emission of organic waste gas falls far below the standards of requirements on environmental protection. Meanwhile, the safety performance was effectively improved with the consumption of gas and electricity significantly reduced. Spray towers for dust were installed in the factory, improving the three-level treatment of dust to four-level treatment, which can better capture residual dust after treatment in filter cartridges and reduce the number of emission outlets by 60%. It eliminated hazards on environmental pollution by dust leakage and effectively reduced the density of waste gas.

  The containers manufacturer in Jinzhou introduced the new XP-B electricity-saving control devices, which adopted the intelligent and soft balance technology, significantly reduced the electricity from the power supply network with motors and the consumption of motors and achieved obvious effects in energy saving and efficiency improvement.

  Increasing the proportion of the use of clean energy and effectively improving the ecological and economic benefits

  The containers manufacturer in Qidong has established a photovoltaic power station, which adopted advanced and applicable technologies and built a “clean”, “intelligent” and “friendly” micro-grid platform with coordinated control of light and load. It met the requirements on safe operation, unattended operation and convenient maintenance and promoted the establishment and utilization of a clean, low-carbon, safe, high-efficient and modern energy system.

  The generator set in the wind power station under planning and preparation fully leveraged on the advantages of wind and reduced the proportion of thermal power generation. It will make important contributions to the manufacturer and surrounding areas in energy saving and emission reduction after the completion of construction and will bring significant ecological and economic benefits to the green development of the manufacturer.

  Installing environmental and intelligent charging piles and effectively practicing green office

  With the implementation of the concept on green travelling, the demand for charging piles for new energy vehicles from employees and visiting customers has been increasing gradually. Following the purpose of caring about employees and serving customers, the containers manufacturers in Ningbo and Qidong installed environmental and intelligent charging piles in the plant area to effectively practice green office.

  It has become an international consensus to actively responding to global climate change and a sound ecological environment is the basis for our long-term development. We will continue to improve the energy efficiency and the proportion of clean energy through technical and management means and advance towards greener and more sustainable production means. We will strive to reduce carbon footprint in the containers manufacturing segment, fulfill the responsibilities of a responsible enterprise on reducing carbon emission and make contributions to the strategic goals of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”.

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