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COSCO SHIPPING Development held “supply chain financial business segment training”
发布时间: 2021-10-08

  From September 28th to September 30th, the investment department of COSCO SHIPPING Development held a training course with the theme of “deeply serving the main   business of the Group to solidly promote the supply chain financial business”. Liu Chong, director and the general manager of the Company, and Du Haiying, the deputy general manager of the Company and the general manager of the investment department, attended the training.


  Dr. Gong Keyu, the executive director of the Asia-Pacific Studies Center of Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, incorporated the current affairs and various hot topics into his lecture on “Xi   Jinping’s Economic Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and Domestic and Overseas Macro-political and Economic Situation”. Wang Tao, an expert in supply chain finance, matched theory with cases to deeply interpret the “innovative development of digital supply chain and classic practical cases”, while the relevant person-in-charge of the supply chain finance department introduced in detail the relevant situation of “one-stop supply chain finance system of Panda Chain”. The trainees conducted an in-depth discussion on the Company’s supply chain financial business, before proposing solutions, designing product models and establishing collaboration mechanisms focusing on the collaboration of the supply chain financial business. Du Haiying, the deputy general manager, stressed that it is necessary to make full use of the existing licenses of factoring, micro-finance, AMC, industrial funds, insurance brokers, etc. to provide customers with “one-stop” supply chain financial services. Through the combination of industry and finance, integration of various financial functions and efficient coordination and with the concept of “homogenized products with   differentiated services, customer experience as the core of service, the utmost efficiency as the utmost service”, the Group will continuously promote its main business development of shipping logistics.


  At the graduation ceremony, Tian Jie, the deputy dean of the enterprise management branch of COSCO SHIPPING Talent Development Institute, congratulated on the successful completion of the training course and encouraged the trainees to apply the knowledge they acquired to work practices for boosting the high-quality development of the Company’s supply chain financial business.

  Liu Chong, the general manager, expressed his sincere gratitude to COSCO SHIPPING University and congratulated all the trainees who successfully completed their learning tasks. Liu Chong, the general manager, pointed out that 2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan period. COSCO SHIPPING Development focuses on the finance of supply chain industry with a layout centering on the main business of shipping and logistics, and strives to build a “one-stop financial service platform”. With the joint efforts of all employees, the supply chain financial business has achieved remarkable results.

  Liu Chong, the general manager, made the following requirements: first is to continue focusing on the main business of the Group, and deepen the business collaboration of the Group’s main business by hinging on supply chain finance; second is to continue advancing the integration and collaborated development of various business segments of supply chain finance; third is to boost the optimization and upgrading of the “one-stop supply chain finance system of Panda Chain” with the help of technology and financial empowerment, so as to assist COSCO SHIPPING Development in the “digital, networked and intelligent” transformation, with a view to becoming an industrial operator that is “intelligently empowered and driven”; fourth is to constantly improve risk response measures in order to ensure that there is no compliance risk in all businesses.

  The relevant persons in charge from the supply chain finance department and operations management department of COSCO SHIPPING Development, Shanghai Universal, Haihui Factoring, COSCO SHIPPING Micro-finance, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics Fund, COSCO SHIPPING AMC and Shanghai Haining Insurance attended the training.

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