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Satisfactory Operation of Fiduciary Assets with the Lily Project under Flourishing Development
发布时间: 2020-07-10

  On the occasion of the first anniversary of the acquisition of Shengshi Container Factory (胜狮箱厂) (the “Lily Project”) by COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd., Liu Chong, the managing director of COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd., led his team paying a field visit to Qingdao Container Factory (青岛箱厂), to have a good understanding of the Lily Project and advance its follow-up issues.

  At the Qingdao Container Factory (青岛箱厂), Liu Chong, together with other staff, visited the safety training room where they watched some educational videos on safety. They walked into the reefer container production workshop and held a production seminar to have a comprehensive understanding of the production and operation.

  Liu Chong pointed out that since the completion of acquisition of the Lily Project on 2 August 2019, Qingdao Container Factory (青岛箱厂) of COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd., which was entrusted for management by Shanghai Universal Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd., had a stable production and operation in various aspects with overall stable security situation. Its economic benefits were in line with expectation.

  At present, as the COVID-19 outbreak has not come to an end yet, the production and operation of container factories are confronted with many challenges and certain opportunities. Liu Chong proposed the following requirement to Qingdao Container Factory (青岛箱厂), firstly, it should set ambitious goals and continue to maintain steady development; secondly, it should adhere to benchmarked management and strive to make the best of the both worlds; thirdly, it should put more focus on quality management and enhance its brand recognition; fourthly, it should ensure building a clean and upright culture by which all staff can do their job honestly and safely. Only in this way will the Lily Project be more growing and flourishing.

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